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Certified Adviser

Vator Securities' certified advisory services is tailored specifically for growth companies

Listed companies on Nasdaq First North must have a so-called certified adviser, hereby ensuring that the company complies with Nasdaq First North’s regulations. Vator Securities offers its certified adviser services to companies which are either already or are about to be listed on Nasdaq First North.

Vator Securities’ certified adviser service is specially tailored for growth companies. As a certified adviser, Vator Securities ensures that its clients live up to the requirements of Nasdaq First North’s regulations and delivers quarterly reports confirming compliance. When applicable, Vator Securities submits proposed improvement measures.

In addition to providing the usual certified adviser services, we work proactively with internal initiatives and carefully select external partners in order to offer advice on both financial communication as well as bespoke communication strategies.


20 January 2021
Adhering to the regulatory framework whilst amplifying a consistent perception of your company’s equity story.

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