2 February 2018

Dagens PS Appoints Homan Panahi Entrepreneur of the Week

Dagens PS Appoints Homan Panahi Entrepreneur of the Week

“Entrepreneur of the Week” highlights entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders who shape Swedish commerce.
Article retrieved from Dagens PS, 2018-01-23.

Who are you?

“Homan Panahi, married and the father of three wonderful children. Generally restless. Born in Tehran. Made my first micro-transactions when I was seven years old selling rabbits on the streets of Tehran. Founder and CEO at Vator Securities, an activist corporate finance advisor. We help fast growing healthcare companies get funding early on and eventually list them on the stock exchange when they are ready for it.”

How did you get the idea?

“The idea of ​​Vator Securities was born when I got in touch with a company called Diamorph AB during my PhD studies. I discovered that despite impressive technology and good prospects, Diamorph’s business, which at that time was a young company, was too small for the investment banks. Smaller fast-growing companies did not receive the attention they deserved and did not have access to qualified transaction advice.”

“Hence, I founded Vator Securities with a clear focus on being an active company builder. Together with the management, board and owners of the companies, we are committed to building the unicorns of the future, that is, companies that reach a market value of over $ 1 billion. We offer transaction advice of the same quality as the world’s largest investment banks to smaller companies that grow fast – and build incredible value ​​for the community and their shareholders.”

What is the next step?

“Sweden is a great place to build companies. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to realize my dreams here. I want to give back and make a difference. I want to build the world’s third super cluster in Stockholm together with my partners at Vator Securities and my competent team. A cluster that attracts exceptional entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to building the unicorns of the future.”

Any Entrepreneur Tips?

“I live by the motto that capital is simply a commodity and ideas are cheap and plenty- execution is everything. Therefore, my advice is not to be afraid of ignorance. Ask questions, ask for help, be a bit uncomfortable. Communicate your vision to everyone you meet. There are people out there who have probably thought about the same thing and are willing to contribute to your vision.”

Worst pitfall?

“Misdirected energy. When you lack clear goals and direction, it is hard to find the passion to see tasks through. But with passion and a team that delivers on top, you’re unbeatable.”

Financing – What should you think about?

“It has always been important for me to have a clear vision of what the purpose of the journey is. You must be able to clearly illustrate the end-game to investors. After that, your sole focus should lie with creating the best possible team in order to deliver top results for your investors. An A team can get a C-quality idea to fly, but a C team cannot even make an A-quality idea successful.”

Where do you see yourself and the company in five years?

“We have built our super cluster in Stockholm. We are a phenomenon studied by others who want to give back to society.”

Who Should Be Next Week’s Entrepreneur – and Why?

“Professor Carl Borrebaeck, who founded, among other things, Immunovia and SenzaGen, both of which are listed on Nasdaq. Carl is a contrarian – he does not do what others imagine doing because it’s comfortable. Carl only does what can be evidenced from reality that one should do. I have great respect for that characteristic- to be fearless is the fuel needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. His efforts to build scientific networks, including Create Health, Medicon Village, NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship) and the Cancer Crosslinks Conference, contribute to his position as an outstanding biotechnology builder and good representative of the Swedish life science industry.”

Name: Homan Panahi

Occupation: CEO and founder of Vator Securities

Age: 39 years

Living: Bromma Family: Married with three children.

Prefer to: Talk about my ideas with anyone who will listen.

Do not prefer: Waiting.

One thing nobody knows about me: I’m a real master at sharpening sushi knives