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18 December 2014

Vator Securities successfully completes advisory mission for Bio-Works Technologies

Bio-Works is a biotechnology company that develops, produces and sells innovative separation media products based on agarose to purify proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. The company’s products are mainly used for purifying biological drugs and diagnostic products, from the research phase to large-scale production. The company is in a commercial production phase and has its headquarters and factory in Uppsala. Bio-Works’ customers are international and are in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and cleantech.

The demand for Bio-Works products is greater than the production capacity the company has today. With the acquired capital, the company will finance upscale production capacity to meet the demand.

Magnus Persson, Chairman at Bio-Works Technologies AB, comments:

“We are pleased to have selected Vator Securities as our financial advisor. The Vator Securities team has been professional in every step of the transaction process and played a crucial role in the successful outcome. Overall, they exceeded our expectations.”