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24 March 2015

Vator Securities successfully completes advisory mission for IRRAS

IRRAS has developed a unique pump and catheter system for efficient drainage of fluids from the body and for local administration of drugs in the body.

An important application of the company’s technology is the minimally invasive and controlled drainage of blood from the skull in brain bleeding. Today’s drainage catheters are insufficient because unlike IRRAS double cell catheters, they are often blocked by coagulating blood, which strongly contributes to fatal outcome or permanent damages to the patient. Another important area of application is the local drug administration, where it has not previously been possible to provide sufficient concentrations of the active substance without causing extensive adverse effects at the same time.

Konstantinos Alataris, Chairman at IRRAS AB, comments:

“This was the second time that IRRAS chose Vator Securities as its financial advisor and we are delighted to have done so. Vator Securities has been extremely helpful in every step and has shown total dedication throughout the process, which resulted in yet another successful fundraising for IRRAS. “