Vator Securities advises Magle Chemoswed Holding in connection with its public offer to the shareholders of Amniotics

22 March 2024

The Magle Group aims to establish itself as a leader in high-quality life-changing healthcare innovations to meet medical needs through scientific excellence. The Magle Group is founded on strategic acquisitions aimed at driving growth and diversifying risk. Today, the Group includes two operational areas.

Magle Chemoswed – a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with a strong reputation for its high-quality development and manufacturing expertise and Magle PharmaCept – an established sales and marketing company for development and direct sales of the Groups medical technology products.

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Vator Securities acts as Sole Bookrunner in LifeClean International 16 MSEK Directed Issue

18 March 2024

LifeClean International offers sustainable disinfection, sanitation and cleaning solutions that address several of our biggest challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance, contamination and PFAS pollution. Among other things, LifeClean is behind the world’s first climate-neutral chemical production, the world’s richest detergent and a unique, patented and more environmentally friendly chemical formula based on chlorine dioxide.

The chemical technology is the basis for a proven effective method for PFAS sanitation and is also verified as a spore-, fungus-, biofilm-, bacteria- and virus-killing surface disinfection. The Company operates two production facilities in Sweden, certified according to ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

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Vator Securities acts as Sole Bookrunner in ChromoGenics 16 MSEK Directed Issue

11 March 2024

ChromoGenics is a proptech company that produces smart dynamic glass, improving indoor environment and well-being while reducing energy consumption, operational costs, and climate impact in real estate. The product, ConverLight® dynamic glass, is based on a unique patented technology from the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, where electrochromic coatings are sputtered onto plastic films.

The result is a dynamic foil that can be laminated into glass, providing effective sun protection in buildings and reducing environmental impact in production, transportation, and usage. The dynamic foil is easy to transport and can be applied by local partners in the glass industry, avoiding the need for long-distance shipments of bulky glass.

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Vator Securities acts as Sole Global Coordinator in Kancera 122 MSEK Rights Issue

23 February 2024

Kancera is developing a new class of small molecule drugs targeting the fractalkine axis. Kancera’s main focus is to develop its candidate drugs for treatment of severe inflammatory diseases and cancer that currently lack effective treatments.

The company is a leader in drug development of small molecule fractalkine blockers. Kancera is developing two drug candidates with the same mode of action; the CX3CR1 antagonists KAND567 and KAND145.

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Vator Securities acts as Sole Global Coordinator and Bookrunner in Alligator Bioscience 151 MSEK Rights Issue

9 February 2024

Alligator is a clinical-stage research and development-based biotechnology company that develops antibody-based drugs for cancer treatment. The Company specializes in the development of tumor-directed immunotherapies, specifically agonistic mono- and bispecific antibodies. Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that stimulates the patient’s own immune system to cure cancer.

Alligator is active in the drug development phases ranging from concept and early drug discovery up to and including Phase 2 clinical studies involving patients. This includes the development and optimization of novel drug candidates, evaluation of preclinical efficacy and safety, and finally confirmatory clinical studies in cancer patients.

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Vator Securities advises Fenix Family in Capital Raise

2 January 2024

Fenix ​​Family’s digital B2B2C service enables customers of banks and asset managers to estate plan in a simple, fast, and safe way. This means that, based on a will, Fenix ​​draws up a unique life plan for the end customer, their family, assets, and any loans. The plan includes legal agreements, tips on financial services and practical preparations for the family to have peace of mind here and now as well as in the future.

The company’s subscribers have grown strongly since launch. Growth is driven by the security Fenix ​​creates for end consumers and partners’ needs to digitalize and personalize an increasingly important aspect of financial services: estate planning.

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Vator Securities advises Chordate Medical on 42 MSEK Rights Issue

23 December 2023

Chordate Medical is a medical technology company that has developed, patented and CE-marked Ozilia® Migraine (formerly K.O.S), a neuromodulation and drug-free treatment technology for chronic migraine and chronic rhinitis.

The treatment has clinically proven efficacy according to a recent study, and is marketed in Finland, Germany, the UK, Italy, Israel, and the Gulf region.

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Vator Securities advises InCoax Networks on 53 MSEK Rights Issue

19 December 2023

InCoax Networks re-purposes existing property coaxial networks in fiber and fixed wireless access (FWA) extension deployments for Communication Service Providers (CSP) globally.

The technology is a high performance, future proof, reliable and cost-effective complement, that reduces installation time and improves take-up rate, to boost digital inclusion and Internet access for all. 

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