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Vator Securities advises Rebelle on 200 MSEK IPO

25 February 2022

Rebelle operates the European online marketplace for selling and buying luxury second hand fashion items and accessories.

Rebelle is offering products from the world’s most sought after fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès and Prada while increasing customers awareness of sustainability and circularity within the fashion industry. Rebelle offers more than 200,000 products to, and listed by, customers throughout Europe with focus on the EU.

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Vator Securities advises Cyxone on 67 MSEK Rights Issue

21 December 2021

Cyxone is a Swedish clinical stage medicine platform company focused on developing and advancing novel solutions for patients suffering from severe autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and multiple sclerosis (MS).

“The proceeds from the Rights Issue will enable us to implement the next important steps in the development of Cyxone’s new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We have a solid and well-structured plan for delivering value creation to our shareholders and to patients world-wide, and our experienced team are now looking forward to take the Company to the next level,” comments Tara Heitner, CEO, Cyxone.

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Vator Securities advises Idogen on 50 MSEK Rights Issue

17 December 2021

Idogen is a Swedish biotechnology company that develops tolerogenic cell therapies with the aim of treating unwanted activation of the immune system.

The Company conducts three development areas with a focus on treating patients with unwanted activation of the immune system. For the most advanced candidate, IDO 8, intended for patients with severe hemophilia and with antibodies against their treatment, the company’s intention is to submit an application for approval to start a clinical phase I/IIa study in December 2021.

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Vator Securities advises Precise Biometrics on 23 MSEK Directed Share Issue

30 November 2021

Precise Biometrics is a global identification software provider, offering products with a range of application for identification in a convenient and secure way. Precise offers products with various applications that enable individuals to identify themselves by using biometrics.

Precise intends to use the net proceeds from the directed issue to finance part of the company’s acquisition of EastCoast Solutions.

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Vator Securities advises SenzaGen on 30 MSEK Directed Share Issue

29 October 2021

SenzaGen aims to be a leader in non-animal toxicology testing driving the transition from animal testing to methods better suited to reflect human biology.

The company has a growth strategy which involve continued commercialization of the in house developed GARD® test platform, expansion of the test portfolio with a broader range of tests and pursuing acquisition opportunities of profitable and growing companies with complementary offerings

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Unleashing a paradigm shift in early detection of pancreatic cancer

24 September 2021

Advancing into commercial phase, Immunovia has achieved a strong launch of its first product IMMray PanCan-d which was shortly followed by backing of the largest US patient organization Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) and the US National Pancreas Foundation (NPF).

Such support provides real-world commercial third-party validation and should reinforce the capital market’s confidence in the test’s performance and clinical utility offer.

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Vator Securities advises Sprint Bioscience on 67 MSEK Rights Issue

7 September 2021

Vator Securities acts as Financial Adviser in connection with the transaction raising SEK 67,6 million.

Sprint Bioscience develops small-molecule first-in-class drug projects with a focus on oncology. Using fragment-based drug discovery, the company develops drug projects in a time- and resource-efficient way. These are then out-licensed to global drug companies during the preclinical phase.

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Vator Securities advises Umecrine Cognition on 35 MSEK Private Placement

26 July 2021

Vator Securities acts as Financial Adviser in connection with the transaction raising SEK 35,1 million.

Umecrine Cognition is developing golexanolone, a drug candidate with a completely new type of mechanism of action targeting the GABAA receptor in the brain.

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