Vator Securities advises Plexian on 33 MSEK Rights Issue

31 October 2022

Plexian is a fintech company that was founded in 2017 and which operates in the segment of sales-driving loyalty solutions with the customer in focus. The business model is based on converting existing members of B2B partners with large member databases to users of the proprietary Edge platform.

The member gets access to unique data-driven offers based on purchase patterns and Plexian’s partners can create a greater understanding of their customer based on analytics based on customer transactions and activities on Edge.

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Vator Securities advises Urb-it on 196 MSEK Rights Issue

19 October 2022

Urb-it AB operates in the logistics sector and provides parcel delivery services. Customers can be found in a number of sectors, with a main focus on the e-commerce market. The business is operated through several subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and Spain.

“In short, the rights issue will enable us to strengthen our infrastructure, scale our operations across current and new markets and support growth as we execute on our mission to change urban logistics, one delivery at a time” says Urb-it’s CEO Kevin Kviblad.

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Vator Securities advises JonDeTech on 42 MSEK Rights Issue

17 October 2022

JonDeTech is developing a cutting-edge sensor element architecture based on nanotechnology. The architecture enables the company to address multiple applications, including security applications, consumer electronics and smart buildings. A plastic construction makes JonDeTech’s sensor elements scalable at a low cost, enabling future volume production.

“This emission has been made possible by the great interest many investors have shown in our technology platform and we look forward to, with strengthened financials, move into a new phase and execute on our go-to market strategy during 2023”, comments Dean Tosic, CEO of JonDeTech.

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Vator Securities advises ChromoGenics on 40 MSEK Rights Issue

6 October 2022

ChromoGenics is a proptech company producing smart dynamic glass that improves indoor environments and well-being and lowers buildings’ energy consumption, operating expenses and impact on the climate. The company’s product ConverLight® Dynamic is based on a unique patented technology from the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, where electrochromic coatings are sputtered onto plastic film.

All of ChromoGenics’ products strive to follow the key words environment and health. This means a focus on environmentally friendly material, lower energy consumption, increased access to daylight and views and improved indoor comfort.

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Vator Securities advises Plagazi on 53 MSEK Private Placement

3 October 2022

Plagazi provides a leading, environmentally sustainable and economically attractive solution. Targeting the challenges of global warming (energy-related CO2 emissions) and the mounting waste problem, via the patented Plagazi Process building upon an innovative patented Plasma Gasification technology for converting waste into green hydrogen.

The offering is in the forefront, as it has the capability to transform even the most hazardous, and non-recyclable waste to energy, and allow for a full circular economy.

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Vator Securities advises Urb-it on 23 MSEK Directed Share Issue

27 September 2022

Urb-it AB operates in the logistics sector and provides parcel delivery services. Customers can be found in a number of sectors, with a main focus on the e-commerce market. The business is operated through several subsidiaries in France and Great Britain.

The share issue was directed to a pre-committed circle of existing investors, including Fjärde AP-fonden, Handelsbanken Fonder and Skandia.

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Vator Securities advises InCoax Networks on 50 MSEK Rights Issue

13 September 2022

InCoax specializes in the innovation of reusing existing in-building infrastructure for fiber access, providing Multi-Gigabit broadband to the world’s leading telecom and broadband service operators. InCoax has successfully established a partnership with Google Fiber and completed field tests and received an initial order from an American Tier-1 operator, clearly demonstrating the company’s potential.

Target markets include US and Europe, markets with growing fiber infrastructure, low household connectivity and high labour costs, implying a huge potential for InCoax’s cost-efficient Fiber Access Extension solutions.

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Vator Securities advises Precise Biometrics on 83 MSEK Directed & Rights Issue

11 August 2022

Precise Biometrics AB is a global identification software provider, offering products with a range of application for identification in a convenient and secure way. Precise offers products with various applications that enable individuals to identify themselves by using biometrics.

Precise operates through two product areas: Digital Identity, which enable identification for physical access through biometrics (e.g., fingerprints, heart rate, facial and iris recognition) and Algo Software systems which is a leading embedded software for fingerprint recognition meeting various needs in smartphones, smart-lock doorhandles, and various applications in cars.

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