10 juli 2020

Commissioned research: Immunovia AB

In our latest research update on Immunovia (link to report), we presented our forecast of a future diagnostic regimen including a combination of proteomics and genomics-based techs to generate timely and correct diagnosis of cancer. Published in the impactful Nature Communication Biology, (link to article), Immunovia’s research arm and collaborator CREATE Health demonstrates the powerful combination of the two techs in its novel academic research project, the ProMIS platform.

The ProMIS assay is a streamlined liquid-based assay that combines multiplexed protein profiling of blood samples, using DNA-coded antibody fragments, and next generation sequencing (NGS). The novelty of this technological approach, underpinned by Nature publication, lies primarily in the ability to perform multiplex protein profiling in a solution/liquid. This allows for automation of the assay steps, providing consistent performance and high throughput. In addition, the combination of the platform’s genomic elements allows for fine tuning to achieve ultra-high sensitivity. The ProMIS platform thus introduces an unparalleled technological approach enabling potentially high scalability, multiplexity and sensitivity. Know this, while early in academic research stage, this technological breakthrough is comparable to the Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability coming true. Tesla combines three different categories of techs (visual, radar and ultrasonic sensors), compiles the data enabling the car to cut through the noise and with high accuracy detect the correct signal that ultimately drives the car. The same logic goes for Immunovia where combining different techs makes the engine that drives the ProMIS.

With ProMIS, CREATE Health continues to lead the way, building on its tradition of pioneering, long-standing translational cancer research to further technological development for clinical applications. The technology is presently an academic research project. When it reaches a more mature development stage, in potentially three to four years, all IP can be transferred to Immunovia in accordance with the teachers’ exemption (SWE: Lärarundantaget).

Immunovia has through CREATE Health strong access to new world-class precision diagnostics innovations, building competitive value for the long-term. With the potential for higher multiplexity, scalability and sensitivity, ProMIS can open up new application areas in complex diseases that are challenging or costly even with today’s technologies in the forefront. We maintain the Outperform rating and a target price of SEK 300 per share.

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Marketing material commissioned by Immunovia AB