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ChromoGenics is a proptech company producing smart dynamic glass that improves indoor environments and well-being whilst lowering the buildings’ energy consumption, operating expenses and climate impact. The company’s product ConverLight® Dynamic is based on a unique patented technology from the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, where electrochromic coatings are sputtered onto plastic film. The result is a dynamic film that can be laminated between glass layers, which provides buildings with exceptional solar protection and lowered environmental impact from production,transport and use. The dynamic film is easy to transport and can be applied by local partners in the glass industry, which means it is possible to avoid long-distance and polluting shipping of bulky glass. In addition to ConverLight Dynamic, ChromoGenics also sells the static glass technology ConverLight Static as well as the energy efficient colored solar cell panels ConverLight Energy for facades. All of ChromoGenics’ products strive to follow the key words, environment and health. This means ChromoGenics focus on environmentally friendly material, lower energy consumption, increased access to daylight, views and improved indoor comfort.

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The case 

  • The global electrochromic smart window market is expected to show rapid growth: +47% p.a. CAGR 2021-2030; USD 170m 2021 to USD 5,600m 2030. Strong momentum is illustrated by US President Biden’s new climate bill covering 30% of the cost for electrochromic/dynamic glass (16 August 2022) – a Game Changer for the industry. 
  • Today, there is an urgent need to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions in the European real estate sector. The real estate sector accounts for ~36% of global energy usage and ~1/3 of CO2 emissions. This creates a sizeable and growing market for ChromoGenics. 
  • The future lies in climate smart and cost-effective dynamic glass. Offers controllable heat and light transmission through smart dynamic glass based on proprietary electrochromic foil laminated in glass and controlled by proprietary algorithm. 
  • With a significant in-house production capacity in place, ChromoGenics is the only player with production in Europe and are now ready to enter a new growth phase to capitalize on a strong market momentum and leverage on existing investments. 

Website: https://chromogenics.com/ 


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May 2023 

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