Commenting on the transaction

“Our user base grew rapidly in 2020 and today we offer a world-class digital platform where we can arrange tournaments with the biggest names in esports. With new money in the coffers, we will be able to accelerate growth, and increase awareness of our offering”, explains Epulze’s CEO and co-founder Mattias Lövgren.

Press release

The Case

Epulze offers a unique platform and vertically integrated ecosystem, keeping gamers on the platform and creating a digital amusement park with multiple revenue streams. The technology is built with scalability in mind and APIs enable easy affiliation of new titles to the platform.

The platform is trusted by some of the biggest names in esports. In 2020, the platform was used to host various pro-tournament qualifiers due to its superior technology and the team’s global industry connections. Latest examples: qualifier to Dota Pro Circuit (Dota 2 world cup) and tournaments within Valorant Ignition Series (Valorant world cup).

About Epulze

Epulze (Esports Pulze AB) has its roots in Örebro, Sweden, and the company’s online platform allows esports fans to participate in competitions for money and prizes in some of the world’s biggest esports titles via tournaments, leagues, and other challenges. The company’s platform focuses on competitions for amateurs, but it also produces larger events where professional players participate. The company, which was founded in 2015, currently has 37 employees in 6 countries.

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Private Placement

SEK 57 Million

April 2021

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