Successful 93 MSEK Private Placement in ESTRID

December 2023 

Vator Securities acted as sole bookrunner in a fully subscribed private placement of shares. New and existing shareholders participated in the transaction.

ESTRID – Award-winning hair removal & body care / Vegan & cruelty-free / Body confidence for all

ESTRID is a fast-growing Scandinavian razor and body care brand disrupting the European shaving market by gaining market share against established incumbents by offering fairly priced, high-quality products which are 100% vegan. ESTRID reported SEK 438 million revenue in 2022, a stunning 93% growth compared to 2021. Rapid European growth continues in 2023 with stronger profitability and the Nordics, Germany and the UK as key markets.


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Private Placement

SEK 93 Million

December 2023

Sole Bookrunner