About Idogen:

Idogen is a Swedish biotechnology company that develops tolerogenic cell therapies with the aim of treating unwanted activation of the immune system. The term “tolerogen” comes from the fact that the immune system after treatment with Idogen’s therapy is expected to be able to selectively tolerate a selected disease-causing or immune activating antigen. The Company conducts three development areas with a focus on treating patients with unwanted activation of the immune system. For the most advanced candidate, IDO 8, intended for patients with severe hemophilia and with antibodies against their treatment, the Company’s intention is to submit an application for approval to start a clinical phase I/IIa study in December 2021.

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The Case:

  • Idogen’s autologous cell therapy is based on a platform technology that enables adaption to different indications: The patient’s own cells are differentiated and processed to become disease-specific tolerogenic dendritic cells. The tolerogenic dendritic cells aim to counteract the unwanted immune response and induce a specific tolerance without affecting the normal functions of the immune system.
  • Idogen currently develops therapies within three separate indications with unwanted immune responses: Haemophilia A (IDO 8), Transplantation (IDO T), and Autoimmune diseases (IDO AID).
  • IDO 8, Idogen’s most advanced therapy, reprograms the immune system to tolerate the standard of care treatment with factor VIII.
  • IDO T seeks to counteract rejection of transplanted organs by reprogramming the immune system to tolerate the organ before transplantation is performed.
  • IDO AID aims to treat rare autoimmune diseases mediated by T cells by inducing tolerance towards disease-specific antigens, i.e. patients own tissues.

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