Comment on transaction 

“With the funds, and confidence, that we now receive from the investor community, we will be able to continue to keep a high pace in the roll-out of our “Roadmap to High Volume Production”. The lion’s share of the capital will be used to develop commercial sensor elements, but we will also channel resources to both application development and establishing a sales organization ready to take the company to the next level “, comments Leif Borg, Acting CEO 

Press release (in Swedish)

About JonDeTech  

JonDeTech is a Swedish company that develops and markets patented IR sensor technology based on nanotechnology. The company’s IR sensors are down to a tenth as thick as conventional sensors, produced in plastic and can be manufactured in high volumes at a low cost, which opens for a variety of applications in, among other things, consumer electronics and mobile phones. 

The Case 

JonDeTech recently announced that the company had reached a high enough level of conviction in obtaining a positive production outcome in the near future to publish its production rollout plan, called “Roadmap to high-volume production”. In the roadmap, JonDeTech presents a timeline of crucial upcoming milestones for reaching high-volume production of commercial sensors.  

  • Working sample (Q2 2021) 
  • Engineering sample (Q3-Q4 2021) 
  • Production Readiness (Q4 2021) 
  • Commercial sensor, low volume (Q4 2021 – Q1 2022) 
  • Commercial sensor, volume production (Q2 2022) 
  • Commercial sensor, high volume production (Q4 2022-Q2 2023) 

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SEK 32,4 Million

June 2021

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