Comment from CEO 

“JonDeTech has entered an exciting phase, in which we have not only created a broader portfolio but also initiated several strategic partnerships. But foremost, we have succeeded with significant progress in the production of our proprietary sensor element. 

This emission has been made possible by the great interest many investors have shown in our technology platform and we look forward to, with strengthened financials, move into a new phase and execute on our go-to market strategy during 2023″, comments Dean Tosic, CEO.

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About JonDeTech Sensors ”JonDeTech” 

JonDeTech is developing a cutting-edge sensor element architecture based on nanotechnology. The architecture enables the company to address multiple applications, including security applications, consumer electronics and smart buildings. A plastic construction makes JonDeTech’s sensor elements scalable at a low cost, enabling future volume production. 

The case 

  • In 2022 JonDeTech expanded its portfolio with the already commercially available JIRS10 with secured delivery capacity in Q2 2022 from a European manufacturer, with software and services, enabling near-term revenue. 
  • In the spring of 2022 JonDeTech signed an agreement to deliver a service project to a collaboration partner in Asia, JIRS10 is currently under evaluation in the project where the goal is to produce an IR solution, based on an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). 
  • JonDeTech established a fully developed pilot line for manufacturing of JIRS30 in Q2 2022, enabling full fabless production and start of a continuous flow of samples where the company monitors and enhances the performance of the sensor elements, with capability for yearly production of up to 50 million units.
  • Production flow of the first functional nano sensor elements are completed every two weeks at the moment, through fully outsourced production, ongoing work to produce JIRS30 working samples, the first step towards commercialization. The established production flow, without new investments, will have a capacity for two years of production after the market launch of JIRS30. JIRS30 is expected to be available for sale in 2023. 
  • Commercialization of the proprietary IR nano sensor element, JIRS30, is the core business while JIRS10 offers complementary features, enabling the company to target a broader customer base. 

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SEK 42,4 Million

October 2022

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