About the transaction 

Plastics Unbound has successfully completed technical and commercial validation through Tier-1 customer trials and production applications and is now transitioning into larger volume orders. The proceeds of SEK 30.3 million from the private placement will primarily be used for market and channel expansion, sales cycle acceleration, and working capital. 

About Plastics Unbound 

Plastics Unbound is a Swedish-based commercial-stage company that has developed a new, patented technology for producing plastics via the injection moulding process. The technology substantially reduces the production cost per plastic part, improves aesthetics, and delivers higher yield by reducing defects even with challenging plastic parts and materials. The new technology is easily implemented as an add-on, compatible with existing equipment regardless of brand and age. 

The case 

Plastics Unbound’s solution has a significant global opportunity with an addressable market estimated to approximately 30k units and 60k moulds, corresponding to a total market value of EUR 3.6 billion.  

  • Patented, industry-validated technology addressing long-standing plastics production challenge 
  • Sticky business model driven by proprietary technology; high recurring revenue 
  • Equally attractive to blue chips/high repeat sales and SMEs/quicker decision-making customers

Plastics Unbound website

Private Placement

SEK 30,3 Million

June 2021

Financial Adviser