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Svenska Aerogel manufactures and commercializes the mesoporous material Quartzene®. Svenska Aerogel’s business concept is to meet the market’s need for new materials that are in line with global sustainability objectives. Quartzene® is flexible and can be tailored to different applications to add essential properties to an end product. The Company’s vision is to be the most valued business partner providing pioneering material solutions for a sustainable world.

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  • Svenska Aerogel develops the product Quartzene®, a patented synthetic silicon powder developed through over 20 years of research. The product is an input material that is used to improve efficiency and add new sustainable properties in end products in three different customer segments: Building & Construction, Process Industry and Transportation. The Company, located in Gävle, has a production facility with a potential to produce 1,000 tons of Quartzene annually.
  • Svenska Aerogel has also introduced and filed a patent application for the product SeaQare®, which is added to boat bottom paint and contributes to a controlled release of copper that protects boat bottoms from fouling. SeaQare has shown very good efficacy in independent marine tests conducted in both Sweden and the U.S. In addition, Svenska Aerogel announced in the fall of 2023 that the Company will be the unique supplier of a new aerogel material for use in a patented, high-performance toothpaste against acid reflux. 
  • In 2020, Svenska Aerogel presented its business plan 2.0, and since then the Company has focused on sales and marketing to potential customers. This has resulted in more customer projects and increased sales of both materials and services. Svenska Aerogel has also built up an international distribution network consisting of 16 distributors that covers four continents.  
  • Svenska Aerogel is currently intensifying its sales work with a clear focus on the Transport customer segment. Within the segment, the Company has several customer projects in battery safety for electric vehicles, including a key customer that has projects together with several global vehicle manufacturers. Also, in Svenska Aerogel’s two other customer segments, Building & Construction and Process Industry, several customer projects are moving forward in the Company’s business development model. Several of the projects have good possibilities for product launches in 2024.  
  • In total, the Company has identified six key customers that are distributed within the three customer segments. All of these are companies that Svenska Aerogel sees particularly great potential in and are viewed to potentially enter the commercial phase quickly. 

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