Comment from CEO

We are delighted for the support from existing shareholders and new investors in strengthening Urb-it’s financial position. The completion of the rights issue puts Urb-it in an attractive position, and we have the infrastructure in place to continue to rapidly scale. We have now secured the financing necessary to continue to execute on our strategy and reach profitability. Urb-it is operating in a market with significant tailwinds, and we have showed the strength in our business as evidenced by strengthened unit economics and margins.

In short, the rights issue will enable us to strengthen our infrastructure, scale our operations across current and new markets and support growth as we execute on our mission to change urban logistics, one delivery at a time” says Urb-it’s CEO Kevin Kviblad.

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About Urb-it

Urb-it AB operates in the logistics sector and provides parcel delivery services. Customers can be found in a number of sectors, with a main focus on the e-commerce market. The business is operated through several subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and Spain.

The case

  • Urb-it’s goal is to offer sustainable last-mile services in large cities with high population density and an extensive e-commerce market and environmental legislation in place. The Company applies an expansive growth strategy where Urb-it’s operations have gone from local markets to operations in most major European cities.
  • In 2020, the Company was active in three of the largest cities in France and England and expanded to 9 major cities in 2021. During the first half of 2022, Urb-it’s services reached over 4 million residents in the Paris city center and the Company expanded its operations in England by launching in the British metropolis of Liverpool.
  • Urb-it expanded into the Spanish market in July 2022 by launching last-mile services in Barcelona and Madrid, providing direct access to a customer base of 3.5 million inhabitants. The Company is now active in 13 major European cities in three different countries and Urb-it is investigating expansion into more markets where the Company’s business model has the potential to succeed. In particular in large cities with high population density, developed e-commerce market and extensive environmental legislation where the Company has identified opportunities in Germany, Italy and Portugal.

The transaction

  • Fully guaranteed rights Issue of shares which will provide Urb-it with proceeds of SEK 196 million before transaction costs upon full subscription.
  • Existing shareholders in Urb-it as of the record date, 28 November 2022, will receive one (1) subscription right for each existing share. One (1) subscription right entitles to subscription of eight (8) shares in the Rights Issue. In total, a maximum of 1,958,000,840 shares will be issued.
  • The subscription price has been set to SEK 0.1 per share.

Subscription commitments have been undertaken by, among others, the company’s major shareholders Ingka Investments Ventures Europe B.V. and Adrigo Asset Management as well as other institutional shareholders and part of the company’s board of directors and management. Ingka Investments Ventures Europe B.V. has undertaken to subscribe up to approximately SEK 52.9 million. Subscription intentions have been received by Skandia and Fiducian Group Ltd. Guarantee undertakings have been undertaken by certain existing shareholders, including Adrigo Asset Management, as well as external guarantors.

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Rights Issue



SEK 196 Million

October 2022

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