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“We are pleased to now have strengthened our financial position, enabling initiation of a clinical phase I/IIa study with our stem cell product XSTEM for the treatment of osteoarthritis and continued preclinical development within our cancer projects. During the year, our GMP-facility for manufacturing of stem cell products has been approved by the Medical Products Agency, we have reported several positive preclinical results and granted patents in our ongoing projects and strengthened our Board of Directors. With this capital injection we can now continue the development towards commercialization of our products “, says CEO Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund. 

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About Xintela  

Xintela develops innovative and patent protected cell therapies and targeted cancer therapies based on the marker technology platform XINMARK. The platform is built on specific cell surface proteins (integrins) and more than 25 years of research and development. Xintela uses the marker technology to select and quality assure stem cells (XSTEM) to develop stem cell therapies for diseases that today lack efficient treatment options, including the joint disease osteoarthritis (OA). Xintela has built an in-house GMP-facility for manufacturing of stem cell products and is preparing a First in Human clinical study on patients with knee OA. In the oncology program, Xintela develops antibody-based therapies for treatment of aggressive tumors including glioblastoma and triple-negative breast cancer. 

The Case 

  • Xintela is developing novel stem cell therapies and antibody based targeted cancer therapies using on the integrin marker technology platform XINMARK®. The patented stem cell product XSTEM®, produced in Xintela’s own GMP-facility, is entering a clinical phase I/IIa study in 2021. 
  • Targeting disease areas that currently lack efficient treatment, initially targeting osteoarthritis, glioblastoma and Triple-negative breast cancer.
  • XINMARK® platform driving development of innovative stem cell therapies and targeted cancer therapies with significant commercial potential. 
  • Xintela advances to clinical phase by initiating a phase I/IIa study in the stem cell program and late-stage pre-clinical studies in targeted cancer therapies during 2021.

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SEK 28 Million

June 2021

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