About Yabie AB  

Yabie is a fast-growing SaaS company that offers products and services that make everyday life easier for business owners. Since 2017, Yabie has developed an ecosystem of user-friendly checkout and payment solutions used by thousands of businesses in Sweden, from the pizzeria on the corner to IKEA. Through innovation, scalability and a clear product focus, Yabie is gaining market share at a rapid pace. Yabie has developed an ecosystem of services for business customers to make it easier to get paid and drive their business forward. Yabie offers an innovative and mobile checkout and payment solution for a broad target group, from small businesses up to larger international corporate customers such as IKEA. Customers are primarily found in the segments restaurant/café, small shops, the service sector and larger retail operations and enterprise companies. 

The case 

  • Yabie the #1 Nordic POS software provider for real businesses, growing rapidly to pass competition also in terms of # of licenses (2025e) 
  • Built critical mass and world-leading offering (org./M&A) – now big enough to attract top-tier international players in commercial partnerships (discussions ongoing) 
  • Reputed institutional and strategic owners  
  • Key metrics
    • Revenue Run Rate: SEK 153 million 
    • Revenue Growth: +41% Y/Y 
    • Recurring Gross Margin: 90% 

Website: https://yabie.com/en/ 


Capital raise

SEK 64 million

June 2024

Financial adviser