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15 February 2021

Vator Securities Tech Days

Vator Securities Tech Days is a series of investor events with some of the most exiting fast-growing companies within tech. Vator Securities presents a focused insight into these tech companies, including fire side chats and panel discussions with experts within tech and tech investments.

See upcoming events below:

Gaming – 26 May

The Vator Tech Day – Gaming event will focus on Gaming and E-sports. At the event, companies working within Mobile and Video Game Development, Game publishing and E-sports will present

Tech of Tomorrow – 9 June

Tech of Tomorrow will focus on technology with a focus on the future. At the event, companies working with Renewable Energy and Cleantech will present, as well as other types of innovative technology for a future society such as AI, Space- and NanoTech.

Previously held events:

Digital Health – 20 April

The Vator Tech Day – Digital Health event focused on digital health and digitalisation of care. At the event, companies working within the E-Health, Digital Health and Health Tech sector presented. Attending companies were, Dynamic Code, PainDrainer, AsthmaTuner, Visiba Care, Natural Cycles och Doctrin.

Watch the video from the event here

SaaS – 9 March

The Vator Tech Day – SaaS event focused on growth companies with SaaS as a business model. The participating companies were Lime Technologies, Irisity, Lithium, ZignSec and 24SevenOffice.

Watch the video from the event here