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Bolags- och kapitalmarknadsjurist till Vator Securities

27 November 2020

Som bolags- och kapitalmarknadsjurist kommer du att arbeta med ECM-transaktioner där Vator Securities agerar finansiell rådgivare.

Din roll kommer vara att tillsammans med teamet inom Corporate Finance och ECM utarbeta optimala lösningar för en transaktion. Du kommer även att vara primär kontaktpunkt mot de externa legala rådgivarna i respektive transaktion.

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IBD Junior Analyst – Corporate Finance till Vator Securities

25 November 2020

Som junior analytiker kommer fokus ligga på att assistera dina kollegor vid framtagandet av företagspresentationer, arbeta med research, samt bistå med administration kring transaktioner och projekt.

Teamet består idag av 9 personer och kommer att utökas med ytterligare juniora talanger.

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Vator Securities rådger Xintela i 37 MSEK optionsinlösen

23 November 2020

Vator Securities agerar som finansiell rådgivare i samband med transaktionen om SEK 37 miljoner.

Xintela är en innovatör i utvecklingen avregenerativa cellterapier och riktade cancerterapier baserade på denpatenterade markörteknologiplattformen XINMARK®.

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Vator Securities advises NextCell Pharma on 150 MSEK Rights Issue

20 November 2020

Vator Securities acts as Financial Adviser in connection with the transaction raising approximately SEK 150 million.

NextCell is a cell therapy company that has recently finished phase II with its leading drug candidate, ProTrans™, a treatment for type 1 diabetes. In the Company’s clinical trials, ProTrans™ has demonstrated both safety and efficacy regarding the patient’s own preservation of insulin production.

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Vator Securities advises Scandion Oncology on 236 MSEK Rights Issue

16 November 2020

Vator Securities acts as Financial Adviser in connection with the transaction raising approximately SEK 236 million.

Scandion Oncology is a clinical phase II biotechnology company addressing cancer drug resistance as a complement to existing anti-cancer therapies by developing first-in-class, oral add-on drugs. Used as a combination therapy, the Company’s products have the potential to quickly reach peak sales in addition to potentially offering better response rates and increased survival time with improved quality of life.

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Closing the valuation gap driven by 90% likelihood of achieving US reimbursement – which is a license for medtechs to print money

13 November 2020

We believe SciBase has built the necessary enablers to accelerate its topline growth and embark on a positive trajectory in the same direction as local peers such as Senzime and Redsense Medical. With a market value of SEK 200m in contrast to Senzime’s and Redsense Medical’s values of approximately SEK 1.3bn and SEK 660m, respectively, there are clearly numerous essentials with deep value in SciBase’s case that are being overlooked.

We initiate coverage with an Outperform rating and a target price of SEK 7.5, corresponding to an equity value of SEK 413m non diluted.

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Vator Securities advises Moberg Pharma on 150 MSEK Rights Issue

6 November 2020

Vator Securities acts as Financial Adviser in connection with the transaction raising approximately SEK 150 million.

Moberg Pharma is a Specialty Pharma company focused on developing and commercialising proprietary, acquired and licensed products globally, from clinical development of products based on proven substances to commercialisation.

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An unacceptable misunderstanding is circulating in the market

27 October 2020

Our jaws drop to the floor when we see the market selling Immunovia on the back of a press release that essentially confirmed the technical performance of IMMray PanCan-d, once again corroborating the robustness of the IMMray platform technology.

As expected, the verification study demonstrated outstanding diagnostic accuracy in line with the previous commercial test model study.

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