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Vator Securities focuses on identifying and financing growth companies as they expand and develop into tomorrow’s market leaders.

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Vator Securities executes on opportunities that accelerate growth for its client companies whilst delivering results to the firm’s sophisticated investor clientele.

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On October 26th, Vator Securities arranged the Vator Securities Life Science Summit, a unique healthcare conference where we present some of the most interesting and innovative growth companies in Sweden, bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs and top investors.

The participating companies were BoneSupport, SciBase, BioArctic, Immunovia, Cavis Technologies, ExpreS2ion Biotech, CombiGene, SenzaGen and AlgoDx.

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Vator Securities advises SeaTwirl on 64.5 MSEK Rights Issue

SeaTwirl is a Swedish energy tech company in wind power with the vision to become global leader in floating offshore wind farms. SeaTwirl’s unique floating vertical-axis wind turbine is simple and robust with few moving parts. This suits the conditions at sea and minimizes the need for maintenance, which leads to less downtime and operating hours. These are key requirements for reducing the costs associated with the production of energy.

On the back of the successfully installed 30 kW prototype, S1, which has been operating efficiently since 2015, SeaTwirl is focusing on the development of SX, the next generation floating wind turbine with +10MW turbine power. In parallel with the development of SX, the company intends to continue improving efficiency and production of the S2x wind turbine in Norway.

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Vator Securities advises Stardots on 15 MSEK Private Placement

Stardots is a deep tech company that brings together engineers and mathematicians with neurologists and life-science developers. The company’s initial focus is on Parkinson Disease, where the company’s digital platform, ANLIVA™, through mathematical models, sensor data and AI, analyses typical symptoms through the patient’s smartphone.

This is transformed into quantifiable symptom markers used for monitoring disease progression and optimizing treatment. Caregivers receive analysis, statistics and treatment suggestions based on the patient’s markers, allowing for individualized telemedicine treatment. Stardots’ vision is that its digital health platform ANLIVA™ will become a new standard for objective, equal, globally accessible, and cost-effective Parkinson’s care.

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Vator Securities advises WntResearch on 40 MSEK Rights Issue

WntResearch is a biotech company in oncology that develops the drug candidate Foxy-5 to prevent the development of cancer metastases. Foxy-5 is currently in the ongoing Phase 2 clinical study NeoFox.

The study includes patients with colon cancer in stage II/III, who at diagnosis, according to established assessment criteria, are considered to have a high risk of recurrence after the primary tumor has been surgically removed. Foxy-5 is a peptide that mimics the function of the protein WNT5A which is found naturally in the body, a protein that prevents the spread of cancerous cells in the body.

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Vator Securities advises Plexian on 33 MSEK Rights Issue

Plexian has developed the Edge platform, which is an innovative loyalty program. Edge, which is primarily based on business opportunities created through Open Banking, uses card-linked services that collect transaction data and purchase patterns.

Data is collected in order to create a better understanding of the user of Edge, and thereby be able to provide more personalized offers based on user data. Given that Plexian enters into partnerships with large member organizations where an existing user interface is already established, Edge is in a position to quickly reach a large number of users at a very low customer acquisition cost.

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