15 March 2022

Vator Securities advises S2Medical on 21 MSEK Rights Issue

Comment on transaction

“The proceeds from the rights issue will enable us to continue to focus on growth in sales of our regular wound healing products and a continued development of our product portfolio. On a full-year basis, sales of regular wound healing products have increased by approximately 261 percent between 2021 and 2020 and approximately 48 percent between 2021 and 2019, the last full year before the Covid-19 pandemic. We strongly believe that this growth will continue during the current year, with larger call-offs from customers in both the Middle East and Sweden during the first quarter, as well as interest from new potential customers in the Middle East and the Company’s other markets. Furthermore, we see great value in the antimicrobial peptides acquired at the end of 2021, with several potential application areas within the Company’s product portfolio but also opportunities for collaborations with external players. S2Medical will always be first in line to change wound care to wound healing and we now welcome our existing shareholders to take part in our continued journey forward to becoming the leading global company in wound healing.” Comments CEO Petter Sivlér.

Press release

About S2Medical 

S2Medical AB is a company founded in 2013 based in Linköping that develops and sells wound healing products with a focus on burns and chronic wounds. The company aims to offer a holistic concept in wound healing with products in debridement (cleaning of wounds), granulation (construction of blood vessel-rich tissue) and re-epithelialization (outer tissue growth). 

Investment case 

  • EPIPROTECT® has been tested on thousands of treated patients aged 0 – 92, through S2Clinic and other venues, whereby several published studies show significant advantages (e.g., ease of use, pain relief, shortened healing-time) compared to standard treatments. 
  • EPIPROTECT® has paved the way for establishment in Europe (e.g., in Scandinavia) and the Middle East (e.g., in UAE), with upcoming strategical focus on the UK, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia, whereby know-how and experience created in mature markets is being implemented cross-border. 
  • Accelerated growth poised through geographical width and diverse product portfolio, with roll-out of ivaQ® (near-term) and Instagraft® (medium-term) on established geographical markets and expansion of the validated EPIPROTECT®-products into new attractive markets. 
  • Successful co-development and subsequent acquisition of an antimicrobial peptide (host defense peptide, HDP) – based on 15 years of research and currently under patent approval – further increasing S2Medical’s long-term upside potential by: 
    • strengthening S2Medical’s wound healing offer, integrating the antimicrobial peptides into the current product portfolio, and
    • enabling S2Medical to develop drugs against multi-resistant bacteria, whereby the break-through peptide currently under patent approval has shown to (i) be several times cheaper than its predecessor, has (ii) a strong anti-resistance effect on bacteria, while having (iii) a strong synergistic effect with antibiotics – well positioned for treatment of infections without risking antibiotic resistance, which according to WHO is one of the largest threats against humanity and by 2050 may cause 10 millions deaths and cost USD ~100 trillion yearly.

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