About us

Vator Securities focuses on identifying and financing growth companies as they expand and develop into tomorrow’s market leaders. We apply an entrepreneurial spirit to everything we do. We build long lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. Vator Securities executes on opportunities that accelerate growth for its client companies whilst delivering results to the firm’s sophisticated investor clientele.

Vator Securities’ core philosophy is that ideas are cheap and plenty- execution is everything. We believe the foundation for a well-executed job is a genuine commitment to what the client wants to achieve. The commitment level lies in the walls and the soul of the company’s culture. Our most valuable asset is our culture. We are driven by tearing down barriers and delivering results for our clients. We place great importance in the long-lasting relationships we have built with our clients. For us, performance is not simply when a client is satisfied. We want the client to be delighted and thrilled every time they step in to our office. We feel a great sense of personal pride when the client refers to us as a trusted advisor. We celebrate when the client recommends us to others.

The Board  

Robert Charpentier

Chairman of the Board

Born: 1965
Education: M.Sc. International Finance at Hanken School of Economics
Other Assignments: Chairman: Kvigos AB, Snellman Sotheby’s International Realty, Ab Nanol Technologies Oy
Member: OrganoWood AB
Elected to the Board: 2012

Maria Andersson Grimaldi

Member of the Board

Born: 1968
Other Assignments:
Chariwomen: PS of Sweden AB, John Henric Holding AB
Member: Fragbite Group (publ), MOBA Network (publ)
Elected to the Board: 2023

Per Jacobsson

Member of the Board

Born: 1969
Education: M.Sc. Economic History – Banking and Finance at Stockholm University,
BSc Stockholm University, Business Administration
Other Assignments: Advisor Fondförvaltning AB (Chairman), Westerlinds Fastigheter AB (Member), Danska Fastigheter AB (Member)
Elected to the Board: 2012

Åsa Leander Skålén

Member of the Board

Born: 1977
Education: Master of Science Program in Economics and Business (M.Sc.), Stockholm School of Economics and Master of Laws (LL.M.), Stockholm University
Elected to the Board: 2017

Jörgen Lenz

Member of the Board

Born: 1959
Education: MSE Aerospace Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm
Other Assignments:  Project Guarantee AB (2006-2007 Member), Accenture AB 2006-2011 (Member, then Chairman 2009)
Elected to the Board: 2015

Partners & Management  

Jonas Ribbelöv

Managing Partner

Pooya Madjidi Bergström

Partner / Head of Legal

Toni Lovric

Partner / Head of Corporate Finance

Kristofer Krolak

Partner / Head of ECM

Erik Röjvall

Partner / Head of Execution Corporate Finance

Erik Rosenberg Sjöström

Partner / Head of Origination

Niclas Holmberg

Head of Commercial Strategy

Peter Lindström


Jenny Lövesjö

Head of Issuer Services


Johan Önneberg

Head of Certified Adviser

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