About ExpreS2ion 

ExpreS2ion is a biotechnology company that develops innovative vaccines for a healthier world. We want to transform healthcare by developing novel vaccines, that are life-saving and improving quality of life across the world. ExpreS2ion has developed the unique human clinical Phase III-validated technology platform, ExpreS2™, for fast and efficient development and production of the active material in vaccines. The platform, under the brand GlycoX-S2™, includes functionally modified glycosylation variants for enhanced immunogenicity and pharmacokinetics. Since 2010, ExpreS2ion has produced more than 500 proteins and virus-like particles (VLPs) in collaboration with leading research institutions and companies. ExpreS2ion develops novel VLP based vaccines in association with AdaptVac ApS, of which ExpreS2ion owns 34%.

The case

  • ExpreS2ion’s breast cancer vaccine candidate, ES2B-C001, is currently planned to proceed to a Phase 1 clinical trial in 2024 
  • ExpreS2ion’s proprietary platform, ExpreS2™, enables and has been used to produce safe, effective, and long-lasting vaccines – while being versatile enough to address several of the world’s biggest unmet medical needs in cancer and infectious diseases
  • The platform is clinically validated through a previous partnership with Bavarian Nordic for ABNCoV2 (COVID-19 vaccine), highlighting the significance of the Phase II 12-month Ab durability data, which demonstrated long-term protection and met its primary Phase 3 endpoint (non-inferiority) as a booster vaccine to Comirnaty, Pfizer/BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine 
  • ES2B-C001, breast cancer vaccine, has recently completed GLP preclinical safety toxicology studies and is currently undergoing CTA readiness activities. The vaccine could offer significant benefits compared to current treatments 
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world. In 2020, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer, resulting in 685,000 deaths globally 

Website: https://expres2ionbio.com/ 


Rights Issue



SEK 60 million 

May 2024

Financial Adviser